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The history of excellence was began in 2002 when CV. KRISCO – as starting company, was established to involve itself in the national economic development, especially in the industrial field for more than twelve years. Since December 2015, we have developed our company to becoming: PT. KRISCO BHAKTI PERSADA, as a new legal entity with all the great experience along our previously company. Today, our company has emerged as one of the leading companies in engineering and construction services of industrial and mining machinery plants, oil and gas, power generations, infrastructures and many more related fields to contribute to the communities and the regions where we live and work, especially devoted to motherland.

Integrity, diversity, experienced, dynamic and open-minded culture, together with the quality and commitment of our workers ensure that our company will continue its success story in the future. To reach this aim, we work to building a corporate culture in line with our philosophy “Creating values for customers based on quality and honesty”.

As a successful business, we are focused on achieving consistent growth while maintaining our standard of excellence; this allows us to become an even stronger company, the best way to benefit both our clients and our employees.

Our Vision

We strive to provide the best QUALITY workmanship, TIMELY completion and SAFETY standards on engineering, construction and project management services committed to our customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

We transforms ideas into reality through a tradition of building trust, delivering excellence client services and "creating values with customers based on quality and honesty".

Our Values

At KRISCO, values are essential for building trust – in each other, in our partners, clients, customers and with society. Values are the compass that guides our policies and operations to achieve our goals. In line with our philosophy “Creating values for customers based on quality and honesty”, we are reminded of how we fulfill our principles each day which are known as “AT KRISCO”:


We are accountable – individually and in teams – for our behaviors, actions and results.


We believe that the best results are achieved when everyone works together; our staff, our clients, our consultants, our subcontractors and suppliers.


Creating a “knowledge sharing culture” to meet our business objectives.

Respect for people

We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance.


We are open, honest and trustworthy in dealing with customers, suppliers, co-workers, shareholders and the communities where we have an impact.

Safety and quality

We are committed not only to the quality of the projects we complete, but to the safe working environment of these projects.

Customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers are essential to our success. We will achieve total customer satisfaction by understanding what the customer wants and delivering it flawlessly.


Listening to the ideas of others and encouraging an open dialogue.

Committed to QHSE

At KRISCO, and in harmony with our vision, missions, and our values, we are committed to achieve Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) excellence. To comply with that commitment, we require to all our employees, sub-contractors and other stakeholders to always work with high quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) by ensuring that QHSE requirements are made as an integral part into their daily routine and non-routine activities.

First In Safety – as our safety policy and this commitment is a central to everything we do. Our proactive approach creates value for our clients and safeguards our most important assets – our employees. Our entire team is dedicated to maintaining a safety-focused and environmentally sound business. Our safety culture is promoted by each member of our team through planning, implementing and evaluating safety practices on a daily basis.

Continual Improvement. KRISCO has a commitment to performing construction within budget and according to specifications and has a commitment by continually improving the quality of its works and safe working environments either at home-office and project sites that are available for our employees.

Our safety program is pro-active and action oriented, everyone from management to subordinates are involved in making a zero incident work place to become a reality.